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In response to my post yesterday my dad, who is a very wise person, suggested that a post a day was maybe too much.

Why not just one word, he said?

The word he chose was ‘teapot’. He couldn’t have chosen a word closer to my heart (except maybe for ‘beer’).


My teapot is my most treasured possession. I’ve only been in possession of it for a few weeks, but it has made its impression felt. My mum bought it, actually, to replace the carafe I’d been using previously. I’d been using a wine carafe as a teapot? Well… yes…

So I require a lot from my tea. One, is that it is strong. Very strong. Two, is that it is hot. And three, is that it is milky. As you can imagine, getting all three at the same time is a hard ask. In the past, I’ve relied on microwaves. I’ll brew a cup of tea for approximately two hours (all the while hearing colleagues say ‘is that your tea in the kitchen?’ or ‘I think you forgot your tea’ or ‘your cup is looking well skanky’). Then, when it’s properly brewed, I’ll nuke it and add milk. But we don’t have a nukifier here in Zagreb. So I needed a new plan.

Enter the carafe.


Now, with the new teapot, I can make a huuuuuge pot of tea at the beginning of the day and then I just warm up cups on the stove in a little saucepan as I go. All the pluses, no minuses.

So, this one is for my dad, who suggested today’s word.


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