Hello and welcome

My name is Nat Newman. I’m an Australian writer, researcher and editor. I’m also inordinately interested in sanitation and toilets.


My debut novella, The Office of Dead Letters, is out now!

I’ve been fortunate enough to have my short fction published in many excellent journals.
In 2017, I was the Pacific winner for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize and my story “The Death of Margaret Roe” was published by Granta.

I have also been published in Under the Radar by Nine Arches Press, Shoreline of Infinity, Severine, Diva Magazine, Structo, Brittle Star Magazine, The F Word, Headstuff, Literature Works, LOTL, Opus, New Mardi Gras Short Story Competition and The Disappearing.

I’m always working on several short stories and right now I’m writing the sequel to The Office of Dead Letters.

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