Embracing failure

Just about every month, I don’t know why, but I determine that next month I’mma gonna post a blog post a day.

Well, I thought the same for October, and no surprises but it’s the 3rd and this is my 1st blog post.

I don’t know why we decide to put these pressures on ourselves. A post a day, a story a week, a novel a year – whatever the damn pressure is. Maybe the pressure for you is something very different – 30 minutes of Italian a day, a new song on the guitar a week, coffee with a stranger twice a fortnight. Whatever it is, we set our goals.

And we fail.

But all the very best motivational memes and gifs tell me that failure is how we learn.


So, with seventeen different fonts, let’s all agree to fail this week, this month, this year, let’s all fail so hard that we succeed out the other side.

I don’t even know what the fuck I am saying anymore.

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