How to write content people want to read

Writing content is one thing. Writing something people actually want to read is something else entirely. So is there some sort of secret to write content that people want to read?

Well, yes…

A secret to writing content people want to read?

I hate the word ‘hack’. Nothing in life is actually a hack. Hacks are just the implementation of a system.

And I love systems.

So here is your no nonsense one-step system for writing readable content.

Speak what you want to say.

Yep, that’s it.

Open up the recording app on your phone and record what you want to say.

Pretend you’re talking to someone and you need to convince them about your product or feature. What would you start with? Which elements would you emphasise? What language would you use?

Just start talking.

It’s really important that when you do this you don’t write a draft first. Why? If you start with a draft, you’ll get bogged down in the details.

Imagine you’re talking to your mum or your brother. You’re down the pub explaining the concept to your mates. You’re on a break during soccer practice and want your teammates to know why you’re so excited about this issue.

And don’t be afraid to start in the middle.

When you start talking into your recording app, whether you’re in your office or in the loo, wherever it is you feel comfortable talking to yourself, don’t give a heap of backstory.

Start at the place that makes you most excited. Waffle. Go on. But speak in your voice about the things that you find most relevant.

“Right, mum, so the app I’ve built, what it does is… You know when you go to the shops and you’ve forgotten your list? Well, this app, everyone in the family has access to it and can add to it and then when you go to the shops it’s right there on your phone…”

You’re probably looking at that thinking it sounds like a rambling mess. But it’s not. It has all the info you need and nothing you don’t. It’s not the most beautiful prose on the planet, but with a bit of editing you can pretty much call that paragraph done.

You’re going to love this app. It’s perfect for those times when you’ve gotten all the kids ready and made it out the door and down to the shops… Only to discover you’ve forgotten your list.

With the FoodieWise app, everyone in the family has access to the grocery list. Anyone can add to it at any time. Then when you go to the shops it’s right there on your phone…

If you really want to write content that people want to read, you have to start with your voice. Whether you’re writing for a big brand or your small business, it’s all about your authentic voice.

So whip out your recording app and get talking. And then happy writing.

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