Four Friends

Norah, not one for nervousness, nimbly nudges her intent into the gnarly craniums of her no-good neighbours.

“No nonsense, now,” Norah announces. “This ain’t no novel. Nuance is necessary.”

Sally sneaks into the side alley, slithering her scaly skin over the slimy stones.

“Thissss way?” she whispers to Fyodor.

“For sure,” he fires back. Flying a few feet from her fierce fangs, he flutters forward.

What they witness next is wonderful. Wanda, wallowing in whiskey, wobbles wildly between wilted wagons.

Norah nods.

“Surprise!” says Sally.

“Felicitations!” from Fyodor.

“What wicked wretches!” bellows Wanda, wandering up to them. “What winds whithered you here?”

“Northern –
” – southerly – ”
” – – fierce – ”
” – – – winds!”

Wanda swoons and, weeping, whispers – “what a wonderful windfall.”

The four friends, thus reunited, gather together under a whiskey wagon and celebrate until the wee small hours. I could tell you what they got up to, but I’m afraid that it’s NSFW.




This story was inspired by a dear old friend CM – who told me all about the alliteration story she wrote as a kid about Sally the Snake. This one’s for you!

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