Flash Fiction

Occasionally, I set myself a challenge to write a flash fiction story every week. I have great intentions and start off well, but… Well, I always fail.

Anyway, below is the archive of the flash fiction pieces I did manage to write.

My personal favourites are:

But they’re all fun silly stories – occasionally dark – that will take you less than 4 minutes to read. Enjoy!


Can’t remember what happened last time? Read the first parts of the story here: One: Parking in the Rain Two: A Doorway Three: The Party Four: Here I Am, Here

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– Yoghurt can be, but then you shouldn’t eat it – But you would eat the cheese, if it were – My jumper, which smells of cigarettes from last night’s

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Classic Red Mic - by Alameda821

The Party

I guess most of you felt the man is more adventurous than generous, so the result was: “Do you want to come to a party?” (57%) Missed the beginning? Read

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Pink painting no 1 - Virginia Verran

A Doorway

Your votes are in, and the result is: He speaks to the girl. New to the game? Read Part 1 here. Part 2 – A Doorway He stepped up out

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C: Rick Doble - rain on my windscreen

Parking in the Rain

He stopped his car in a side street and hopped out the door to check on the price of parking. There was always some bloody rule or other; police vehicles

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She feels the press of it in her palm, the weight of the thing. Such a small key, she thinks, for such a large door. The heavy wood is cool,

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The Stripper

It’s gotten to that point of the night already. He’s asking me what I do. “I’m a stripper,” I say. “I strip for a living.” His wife, taller than him,

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