She feels the press of it in her palm, the weight of the thing.

Such a small key, she thinks, for such a large door. The heavy wood is cool, gives away none of its secrets. But she hears it at night, calling to her.

He will be home soon.



I know, this week’s story is very short. In fact, it’s exactly 50 words long. I was inspired by the Scottish Book Trust‘s 50 word flash fiction – they have some really great short stories and I recommend that you check them out!

Next week I’ll be doing something new, with a 5 part series running for the length of May. After every story is posted on Friday you’ll get to decide what happens next. Stay tuned!

And thanks for reading 🙂

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  1. Short is often harder than long. This was very evocative, clean and pared down. I look forward to the May stories. Suggestions for more fiction:
    * “I used to think I didn’t like cats(replace with topic of choice) but I hadn’t known one” this is a true quote from a work colleague few years ago.
    * Stories in the shape of the topic – eg tree where the words form a tree shape. Degree of difficulty infinite depending on choice of subject.
    * onomatopoeia – using words that sound like the topic.
    * kindness – I think the world needs more?
    Take care

    1. Thanks Wendy! I always welcome suggestions. Some days that blank paper is very, very blank.

  2. This was unexpected. I read the first few lines, scrolled past the picture, and thought “That was it?”

    Then I re-read those lines. Then I read them again, and thought “Yes, that is it. It was all that was needed.”

    1. Thanks Jeff! A bit more like a poem than a flash fiction but sometimes you got to let the words do their own thing.

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