Parking in the Rain

C: Rick Doble - rain on my windscreen

copyright: Rick Doble - rain on my windscreen

He stopped his car in a side street and hopped out the door to check on the price of parking. There was always some bloody rule or other; police vehicles only, fifteen minutes loading zone, clearway on the second Monday of every month during school term. Was it too much to ask for a convenient place on the street without complications?

He walked over to the sign and squinted up at it, the light rain landing on his glasses. He could just see the writing through the specks of water: two hours, it said. Three pounds an hour. Well, it wasn’t highway robbery. He took off his glasses and wiped them on his sleeve. Putting them back on, his eyes focused on a shape in the doorway in front of him. It was a red woolly hat. Underneath the woolly hat was a figure in a dark blue coat – a young woman, eating a sandwich. She was looking out past the pavement, past the awning. She was watching the rain fall on the black road.

He glanced at the empty street, at the open door of his slick red car; he checked his watch and looked again at the girl standing in the dry doorway.


Hello and welcome to You May Choose Your Own Adventure, running all through May. After each story you’ll be able to vote on what the character does. Your choice will shape where the story goes next. Oooh, exciting!


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