Zmajsko Pivo – a very tasty drop

zmajsko pivo - A very tasty drop

Zmajsko Pivo is a delicious frosty beverage which pegs itself as Croatia’s ‘first craft beer’. I don’t really know how to define a craft beer, but I can tell you that Zmajsko pivo is definitely Croatia’s tastiest beer.

Zmajsko Pivovara (Dragon Brewery) produces a delicious pale ale which we found quite by accident. It was one of those Sundays, you know the one, the one where you end up walking up the hill to Tituš bar, just for a quick pint on the way home, just to see if there’s a band on. There was, we stayed, and we tried the tap beer. What a bloody lovely surprise.

zmajsko pivo

It’s quite a fruity little number, but not too sweet. I usually find very tasty beers a bit too tasty – after one or two your tastebuds are exhausted and it’s time to move on to something more bland. But good old Zmajsko Pivo is delicious from first drop to last and I can’t recommend it enough.

Their Facebook page says “Ako volite i želite pivo puno okusa mi smo vaša pivovara!” – “If you love and want beer full of taste, we are your brewery!”

If you fancy trying it while you’re in Zagreb, I know the the following bars definitely serve it:
Tituš – Mesnička 47, Zagreb
Harmica – Radićeva 3, Zagreb

I’ll update this list as I find more locations. What a horrible research project 🙁

zmajsko pivo - A very tasty drop

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