Why I hate writers on the internet

So I’m a writer. I’m even sometimes a paid one (yay!). I have this crazy idea that being a writer means that I should be telling stories – making observations about life, describing tiny parts of the universe, sharing tid-bits about people, both fictional and real.

But writers on the internet don’t do this. Instead, they all write about writing.

5 tips for a better blog post

10 ways to make your post go viral

11 essential steps to finish your novel

How to be a Copywriter and write your novel at the same time

Buy my book! Buy my book!! BUY MY BOOOOOOOOK!!!!

I’m not making any of these up. These are all actual headlines / tweets / posts I regularly see in my feed / stream / email newsletters.

Quit telling me how to write and tell me a fucking story.

Imagine if all a comedian did on Twitter was to tell you how to become a comedian. You’d say, fuck this guy. Tell me a fucking joke, and hit Unfollow.

And now that I’ve written this post, I’ve joined their ranks. Thanks a lot, The Internet.

*Okay, not all writers. There are some great ones on the internet who I adore. But ^ these jerks just ruin it.

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