V-Wall Tavern, Nambucca Heads

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We took two days off work and headed up the north coast to Nambucca Heads for a weekend of camping, fishing and beering. We nailed the camping part, and, of course, we totally nailed the beering part, but we found the fishing part a little difficult. The locals in the pub, the V-Wall Tavern, thought we must be serious fisher-people, because we certainly had all the gear. But what with the gale force winds that weekend, and worms being tricky bastards to put onto hooks, and us not knowing how to tie a hook properly onto a line, and the overabundance of good cold beer, well… fishing just didn’t really happen.

The View from the Loo

Located towards the rear of the V-Wall Tavern, these toilets represent everything good about seaside bars – roomy, welcoming and well-appointed.

The toilets were clean and, for some reason, I really liked the shape of the spout. It looks a little like a puppy.

The bar has the usual selection of beers on tap and service always came with a smile. One of the nights we were there, a great band was playing. We drank a lot of beer that weekend, so I can’t remember their name. The something or other experience…

V-Wall Tavern http://flickr.com/photos/40668372@N00/2267376091/

The chips at the bar were okay, but the ‘damper’ was really disappointing; just a bread roll warmed up. A nice bread roll, sure, but come on! this is the heart of anglo-saxon Straya – you’ve got to get the damper right!

Nice dunnies, V-Wall. The Bog Logger says “Your nanna might not like the band, but she’ll love the loos“.

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  1. wat a place it was great but new owners too over last year in may now i would not take my dog their for dinner ???? bad service

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