Two dollars for ten cents

overcoming fear of the blank page

Two very small boys stopped me as I was walking past the corner store.

‘Hey, have you got 10 cents,’ one asked me.


‘I need 10 cents to give to the shopkeeper.’ He held out his very small hands, in which were icecreams and chocolates.

‘Nah,’ said the other boy. ‘We need $2.’  He was also holding chocolates and icecream.

I took out my earphones. ‘So what do you need?’

‘Ten cents.’

‘Nah! $2.’

‘No!’ said the first boy, turning on the other. ‘We only need 10 cents.’

‘Well,’ I said, taking out my wallet. ‘Here’s 20 cents.’

2 bucks tenThanks,’ said the boy, and he ran into the shop to pay the keeper.

‘Can I have $2?’ said the other boy.

‘No,’ I said.

‘Well, how about a dollar?’


‘No,’ I said, and put in my earphones again.

One of those boys will go far, but I wonder which one?

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