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I’m working on a great series at the moment over on Headstuff, chatting with early-stage researchers. We’re calling it ‘Shot of Scientist’ and it has been an amazing experience.

About once a week, I chat to a scientist, researcher, or post-grad about the work they’re currently doing. So far, I’ve spoken with a psychologist, a microbiologist, physicist and soil scientist. I can’t believe the extraordinary range of research that’s being done in Ireland (and around the world) and the far-reaching implications of all these disparate things. It really is phenomenal.

You can see the whole series here and my own contributions are below.

Elisa Salvetti

As a child in Verona, Elisa Salvetti used to look up at the stars, tiny pinpoints of light in the dark sky, each of which represents a distant world, and dream of becoming an astronomer. But instead of exploring those far-away giants, she finds herself in Cork, looking at bacteria.

Andrew Allen

When you think about psychology, you probably don’t think about gut microbiota or taking saliva samples. But that’s exactly what Andrew Allen, senior postdoctoral researcher with the Department of Psychiatry at University College Cork, considers as part of his research.

Niamh Kavanagh

For Niamh Kavanagh, a life in science started with a fountain. Not of knowledge, nor even of youth, but a magic fountain.

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