Rekindling Friday Flash Fiction

A couple of years ago, I attempted to write a flash fiction story and publish it each Friday. I was moderately successful – I think I wrote a few dozen stories. Not quite 52 in a year, but I churned out a bunch and a few were actually not too rubbish.

I had a bit of a creative break last year after a phenomenally productive two years. I wrote three novels in 2018 and I guess – despite my many excellent spreadsheets and project management software – I burned out. I couldn’t even face editing my manuscripts, let alone writing anything new. I just focused on building my content writing business, moving to the Philippines, and getting financially secure.

Well, I’m ready to be creative again. It’s been bubbling along. I’ve been reading short stories, I’m back on Twitter, I’m listening to writers I admire, and I’m starting to feel it. That feeling. You know the one.

So, here I go. No doubt, I’ll fail again. But Imma gonna try to publish a flash fiction every Friday.

Welcome back to Friday Flash Fiction, hitting your eyeballs every week starting 6 March 2020. Enjoy.

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