Reading in the Park

Most visitors to Croatia come for the summer and head straight to the coast. Sometimes, I think they might be bypassing the best that Croatia has to offer – because there’s no doubt about it, when the sun is shining the whole of Zagreb comes out to play.

It seems that every day during the warm months, Zagreb is hosting some festival or other. Yesterday afternoon, I mosied on down to Zrinjevac for a ‘read in’ – basically, a bunch of people all turn up at the same place at the same time and read their books. It was rad. I hope that it continues to run every Friday and becomes an institution. And it deserves to grow and spread to other cities. It was just such a nice experience!

While there, a Chinese poet came to chat with us. He’s here for the Zagreb Subversive Festival, a yearly celebration of all things subversive, I suppose.


Today after doing my groceries and having a glass of wine in the market – as you do – I wandered over to the European Day festival. It was more of an exhibition, and the stalls with the longest queues were those offering food.

And then, on the way home, I stumbled across the World Arm Wrestling Championship.

arm wrestling

Really, once Zagreb wakes up from the slumber of winter, it doesn’t stop.

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