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I’ve travelled enough to know that they do things differently everywhere. For example, occupational health and safety is not taken nearly so seriously in Croatia as it is in Australia. I’ve had to walk through road works the past week that have seen me literally walk across wobbly narrow boards over deep cuts in the pavement on my way to work. No fear!

Mostly you deal with these things, cos that’s just life in a different country/city/suburb. But sometimes, you find it a bit weird.

As I was leaving Singapore I went over to Terminal 3 (the start of my woes!) and saw this guy:

He’s made of flowers.


A soldier, carrying an automatic weapon, made out of flowers.

The plaque next to him tells me that he is a replica of a bronze statue elsewhere which commemorates the National Service, Singapore’s defence force.

“The ‘On Guard’ stance epitomises the readiness, strength and determination of the SAF.”

I’m reminded of visiting a church in Cauldon Lowe with my brother’s family. It was an accident we were there, at that time, and the church was decorated in floral arrangements made by locals. Things like, “a day at the tennis”, and “teddy bear’s picnic”.

I can assure you there were no guns at that exhibition.

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