Nanowrimo tools and templates 2020

Well, I haven’t been around much lately – I’ve been working on some HUGE projects which I’m excited to share with you, but that’ll come a bit later in the year.

For now, I’m popping quickly back into existence to update my popular Nanowrimo tools and templates. Yep, I’ve updated my Nanowrimo calendar, Nanowrimo spreadsheet, Nanowrimo calculator, and even the Nanowrimo Scrivener template all for 2020.

Nanowrimo calendars to print

Nothing beats the simplicity of a print calendar. This is nothing fancy – each day, you jot in your daily word count and see how you progress. It’s like chalking days off for being in prison… but much less grim! We’re writing here, people!

Stick your calendar up by your computer, on the fridge, or wherever good calendars are stuck these days.

It’s super basic, but I have deigned to offer the Nanowrimo print calendar in five colours – blue, green, gold, orange and red.

FUN FACT: I can’t tell the difference between the green and gold templates, or the orange and red templates 🤣🤣

Download your Scrivener calendar by clicking on your preferred colour below.

Nanowrimo calculator / Nanowrimo spreadsheet

Nothing says writing nerd like your very own Nanowrimo tracker in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. Now, this is no ordinary spreadsheet, but it has been created specifically with Nanowrimo in mind. Find out vital information like just how far behind (or ahead!) you are, and how many words per day you need to write to stay on track.

It’s the nerdiest Nanowrimo tool in the universe and I’m proud that it’s mine. And now it’s yours, too.

Download the Nanowrimo spreadsheet updated for 2020.

Nanowrimo Scrivener template

And finally, the nerdiest Nanowrimo tool plus ultra – the Nanowrimo Scrivener template.

This is a Scrivener template divided into 30 pages labelled Day 1, Day 2, etc, each with a target of 1,667 words. I personally find this layout super useful. It’s not very elegant in terms of helping you to split up your scenes – which is the whole point of Scrivener – but it’s great for hitting your daily targets.

Instructions to download the Nanowrimo Scrivener template

Download the Nanowrimo Scrivener template here and unzip it somewhere you’ll be able to find it (like your Desktop).

Open Scrivener, and open a New Project.

At the bottom of the dialog box, there’s a button that says ‘Options’.

Click that and Import Templates.

Navigate to wherever you saved the template and select it.


(let me know if you need more help with this.)

May the words be with you this Nanowrimo!

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