Jinx at Tuskanac

Jinx at Tuskanac

We went along on Tuesday night to the special 20th anniversary performance by Croatian band Jinx at Tuskanac.

I’m amazed at how well Croatians can turn any space into a stage. This is normally a basketball court on top of a parking garage.

Tuskanac stage

By the time the sun went down (and we’d had a few beers) the whole place was completely jammed – they had to turn people away at the gate. More than 3500 people came to watch and it was a fabulous concert.

Jinx at Tuskanac

The gig was part of the Gričevanje festival which runs until the end of May. Named for the famous Grič witch, the festival features rock, pop and electronic bands all playing for free overlooking the city. As a matter of fact, I might head off for tonight’s gig right now.

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