Friday Flush 14-06-2013

P Planter San Francisco

All the loo news you never knew you wanted!

Sit down, you brute!

The county council of Sormland, Sweden, is calling on men to sit down while they pee in order to reduce ‘spills’ and increase hygiene. Opponents to the proposal say that sitting down reduces men’s ability to ‘shake off’ at the end of their wee.

Read more at Digital Journal

Squirrelshank Redemption

Squirrel in toilet

Of course, you don’t really care about a man’s right to pee standing up. What you really care about is a squirrel crawling out of your loo.

Winnipeg woman Angela Campbell rescued the animal using a pair of BBQ tongs and carefully washed it in the bath before releasing it in her backyard. You can watch a video of bathtime here.

Wee the People!

The winner of this week’s most puntastic article goes to Wales Online for their story Wee shall not be moved!

Protesters in Cardiff are furious over council plans to close public toilets. The P is for People protesters say that loo closures affect older people, people with disabilities and parents with children. For many people, going out in public means planning beforehand to make sure there are enough toilet facilities available.

The toilets themselves are Grade II listed Victorian loos – my favourite kind! – and recently underwent renovations. But the cash-strapped council says it needs to make cuts somewhere, and the loos have to go.

Tenderloin Toilet Project

San Francisco is funding a prototype toilet design which the city hopes will reduce instances of public urination.

P Planter San Francisco

The eco-friendly design – called P Planters – diverts urine into dilution tanks which are then used to irrigate adjacent planters. Win win! The design was a result of San Fran’s Master Toilet Plan, a hefty document which you can peruse here.

Til next time folks, have a great WEEkend.

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