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You know that dude who’s always trying to sell/give you a copy of The Green Left, like EVERYwhere you go, Redfern Market, Glebe market, Central station, Broadway, like everywhere.

You know him, right? Kinda weedy looking, pretty youngish, I suppose, but has one of those faces that means he could be 14 or 40 and you wouldn’t know. He has a scraggly little beard that he’s been growing since before Kurt Cobain topped himself.

I used to think I must’ve known him in Newcastle cos he just looked so familiar. And then I realised that I just saw him all the fucking time, standing there politely, holding a copy of The Green Left.

So, I walked past him twice this week, both times on Abercrombie Street, but he wasn’t giving/selling The Green Left. He was on his way to or from a rally or something, hurrying along with some bearded old dude who could’ve been his dad or his mentor or his lover. Who am I to speculate?

The first time he was holding a placard in support of Aboriginal rights. The second time the placards were all wrapped up in brown paper. Secret placards.

But both times we walked past each other it was near the Carlton Brewery site. Fuckn dude is EVERYwhere.

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