Episode II : A New City

overcoming fear of the blank page

I’m sitting at a desk in the attic of a building in central Zagreb. The rain is pouring down the windows and dripping off the satellite dishes outside. A crane has stopped working for the day on the half-finished building opposite. As the thunder rolls, I’m a little bit afraid of a lightning strike, although it is unreasonable.


Here I am in Zagreb, my new home.

I decided a few years ago to utilise my opportunity to live in Croatia (I have a Croatian mum). There are a whole series of reasons I made this decision – none of which are now interesting. The new story is this: I’ve saved up to be here, and here I am. I guess this is a kind of sabbatical, a time to work on my writing and to focus on studying Croatian and WASH. So here goes.

The rain has stopped. The thunder keeps on rolling.

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