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We’ve just returned from a week in the UK, specifically England, and mostly we ate our faces off. I know that most people don’t immediately think – ah, yes, excellent food! – when heading to England, but there you go. That’s why we go. For the food.

Not English food, of course. The other food.

Here’s a list of delicious things I ate in the UK:
– Indian
– sushi
– real Chinese food
– more sushi
– Vietnamese Pho
– ramen
– bangers and mash
– and an enormous fried breakfast every morning.

Croatia has some good food, but it can get repetitive after a while. There is only so much cevapi, grilled chicken and bad pasta you can have before it all becomes a bit same same.

Escaping to England provides us with not only an opportunity to stock up on second-hand English language books (which we totally did), but also other essential provisions: crumpets, vegan sausages, Worcestershire sauce, Devonshire custard, Crunchie bars, salt & vinegar chips, hard shell tacos, and HP sauce.

The things that make life worth living.

The life of an immigrant or expat is full of many wonderful opportunities. I’ve seen things I never could have staying at home, met awesome people, been to extraordinary places. But the little things in life are what keep you going.

Little things like custard.

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