The Long View

I send off a couple of stories each month to various journals and competitions. Sometimes I get published, sometimes

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30 Years of Sundays

When Bogdan reads the classifieds, he sucks air in loudly through his teeth. Occasionally, when he finds something interesting,

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The Stone Cat

The stone cat sits outside the veterinary sciences building, a serious sandstone sentinel guarding the entry. Every student rubs

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Women in Beer Ads

Many years ago, I wrote to Carlton United Breweries asking why they never showed women drinking beer in their

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Reading Women

Quite by accident this year I’ve almost entirely read books only by women. * Many internets-people have declared 2014

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Nat Newman - portrait

Nat Newman

Nat Newman is an award-winning writer of short stories, content, podcasts, feature articles, drunk text messages and, soon, a novella.


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