Around the block

I love Australia, I do. I just spent four weeks there and some things are just so easy. Friendships and socialising, shopping on a Sunday, no cigarettes or smokers, an actual variety of excellent dinner options.

But it’s also expensive. Bloody expensive.

I’m working from home today, back in Zagreb, as I’ve got a cold. I took the opportunity to do some chores. From my apartment I walked around the block – literally, around one block – and this is what I did:

– grabbed cold & flu tablets from the pharmacy
– bought fizzy water, juice and milk at the supermarket
– looked at some nice dresses hanging in a window
– walked through a crowd of people at the tram stop
– noticed a new hairdresser has opened up
– promised myself to pop in to the “everything is 5 kuna” second-hand store one day
– picked up the clothes I had put in to be repaired six weeks ago (a pair of jeans, two skirts, and a pair of slippers)
– enjoyed the warm spring air.

And then I was back at home with my bag of things. And all that, the drugs, the groceries, the clothing repairs – it all cost 150 kuna. $30. 15 pounds. I couldn’t get a pair of jeans hemmed in Australia for that.

Sometimes, on days like today, I remember that this is a charmed life here.

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