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The Office of Dead Letters

There is no such thing as a dead letter. Until there is.

Former enlistee Marilyn Moon was hoping for a quiet retirement after the end of The Last War. But when her colleague unexpectedly delivers a dead letter, Marilyn must go find her. Teaming up with the intrepid secretary Isabel and the disaster-prone Dr Simon, the trio will navigate a changed geography, killer kitchens, eerie neighbours, and the messy maths of space-time. As Marilyn learns more of Overworld’s secrets, she begins to wonder – is this really the world that she fought for?

A fast-paced sci-fi novella, this retrofuturism tale will have fans of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams clamouring to learn more about the secrets of the Two Worlds.

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Nat Newman is an award-winning writer whose short stories have appeared in journals such as Granta, Structo, Brittle Star and Shoreline of Infinity. In 2017, she won the Commonwealth Short Story Prize for the Pacific Region with her story “The Death of Margaret Roe”.

Born and raised in Australia, Nat has walked across two countries, lived and worked in six, and now calls the universe her home. When she’s not dreaming up new worlds for readers to enjoy, she runs an animal shelter in the Philippines.

Her debut novella The Office of Dead Letters is out now.

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