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Nat Newman is an award-winning writer of short stories, content, podcasts, feature articles, ghost written books, drunk text messages and, soon, a novella.

Born and raised in Australia, she now calls the universe her home.

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I shuffled forward and accidentally bumped against the bag of the woman in front of me. “Sorry,” I mumbled, in response to her glare, and

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I wrote previously that people always assume that I’m writing about this shithole. Their words, not mine! And for a long time I haven’t, because

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Coming soon

Coming soon

The Office of Dead Letters

Can a letter ever really be dead?

When Marilyn’s colleague disappears, she must set out to discover what exactly happens to a letter that can’t be delivered. Teaming up with the enthusiastic receptionist Isabel and the disaster-prone Dr Simon, Marilyn will find that nothing in Overworld is really as it seems.

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