I have been a professional transcriber for 10 years, starting out transcribing radio shows for a monitoring company. Let me tell you, that had some memorable moments.

Lately I've been focusing on transcribing podcasts - well, they say do what you love, right? And I love podcasts.

But, as a freelancer, I've transcribed everything - meetings, conferences, workshops, phone calls, interviews, podcasts, music videos, concerts, short films, ads, and even home videos. I've got a fully professional set-up and can accommodate any requests in regard to time-stamping, labelling, formatting, etc.

You also get a bit of research thrown in for free, as I always take care to look up names, companies and concepts. Bonus for you!

I'm a native English speaker - I hope that you will consider Australian to be native English - and I'm perfectly comfortable transcribing British, American, Canadian, etc, accents as well as people speaking English as a second language.

Of course, the confidentiality of my clients is of the highest importance, as well as a commitment to quality and accuracy.

Over time, I've developed some neat techniques to boost audio quality, reduce background noise, etc - so even if your audio is, shall we say, challenging, I can wrangle it for optimum results.

Check out the schedule of rates and get in touch if you have any questions.