A bumpy day

I couldn’t let my shoe disaster stop me in my tracks. I now had a new pair of shoes,

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Lincoln Days

I ended up spending 6 nights in Lincoln. It’s not what I intended, but it’s what happened. I didn’t

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A day of rest

Serendipity is a wonderful thing. Rest is a wonderful thing. Pubs are wonderful things. Finding yourself serendipitously forced to

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A cow of a day

I quite like cows. I think they’re lovely creatures, and it’s amazing that something so enormous lives mostly on

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The longest day

The first day of walking is always 30 kilometres. It doesn’t matter what you plan. Think it’s going to

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Nat Newman

Nat Newman is an award-winning writer of short stories, content, podcasts, feature articles, drunk text messages and, soon, a novella.


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