Research can be time consuming and difficult. Leave it to a professional.

I love spreadsheets. There, I said it.

I love lists, and family trees, and piles of papers, and stacks of sites, and I love combing through them trying to find the story. Because everything has a story.

Good research is simply finding the story in the noise.

Business Research

Writing a speech and need to check your facts?

Developing your annual report or budget commentary?

I can help you fill in the gaps, big or small.

Article and eBook Research

Writing an article and don't have time to find, collate and synthesise your research? Leave it to me.

Need someone to ghostwrite your great idea? Check out my content writing page.


General research

  • lists of names, businesses, titles and emails
  • lists of upcoming books, events, conferences, seminars, etc
  • finding potential interviewees for an article
  • researching job descriptions, policies, insurance and other professional/legal items
  • researching things to do, opening times, and other itinerary-related items
  • fact checking, or reverse-searching sources.

Leave that fiddly stuff to me.

Curious about price?

Good research and writing is way more affordable than you think. Check out my schedule of rates.