Get your words out of your ears and onto the page

Transcribing your podcast makes sense.

Once your podcast is released, a transcript on your website is free content. You've already made it - utilise it!

You want your listeners to be able to go to your site and copy a great quote to Tweet or share via social media, or find out the name of the product the guest was talking about and link to it.

Transcripts allow people with hearing difficulties to engage with your show.

But did you know, getting a transcript of your raw audio, before you start, can save you time in the editing suite! Yep, a transcription with time codes means you can make your cuts on paper before you start cutting the audio.

Podcast transcription for your website

You want your podcast transcriptions to be clear and easy for your audience to read, search and quote from.

This means cutting out ums and ahs, fixing minor grammar errors, and streamlining sentences, all without losing the speaker's natural patterns and cadence. It also means highlighting important non-verbal information which can be just as important as words – laughter, lengthy pauses, incredulous snorts.

Pre-production transcription

You can save time and money in the editing suite by having a written copy of your interviews and audio before you go in. Frequent time stamping and clear labelling will mean you're completely across all of your material - instead of a notebook full of timecodes and notes, you can just scribble straight on the transcript.

You'll be totally ready to go before you start. That's more than half the job done.

So why me?

One of the benefits of having a one-to-one relationship with your transcriber is that I really get to know your material, your hosts, your guests, your style. I'm not some big multinational. I'm more like your friendly local bar; I know what you want before you even ask for it.

So if you want to start transcribing your material, or if you're considering swapping providers, get in touch.

You can find a list of prices here.